Time to start a new Facebook prayer request list for this week.


Bonnie Z.—recovering from colostomy reversal surgery, has follow-up appointment Tuesday

 (Mar. 3)

Gerald and Mildred—multiple health issues

Lee—recovering from hospital visit for dehydration

Helen and Ronald C.—bronchitis

Catherine (Darrell’s mom)—recovering at home from surgery

Shirl T.—catherization this Wednesday (Mar. 4))

Wayne K.—stroke/heart attack

Ray C.—heart issues, test result not good

Barbara B.—follow-up appointment with cancer doctor Monday (Mar. 2) for re-evaluation

Paul E.—massive heart attack, on life support

Forest E.—sinus surgery

Gail D.—starts radiation treatments Wednesday (Mar. Mar. 4)

Steve N.—brain cancer, at home with 24-hour care

Kim B. (Cecilia’s daughter)—breast cancer, undergoing chemo treatments

Evelyn F. (Sarah C’s cousin)—recovering from gall bladder surgery, has other serious health


Junior R. (Bill’s dad)—cancer

Shannon H.—esophageal cancer


Denise—nephew is disrupting home life and causing her anxiety and anger issues

Kim (Sharon T’s daughter) and Sharon’s granddaughters—facing serious personal challenges


Powell family—Mrs. Powell passed

Robertson family—granddaughter and her husband passed

Foster family—Ted passed


Vin (Buddhist monk in Burma, friend of Rick Via’s)

Brett M.


Love offering next Sunday for Kristy M. (Pastor Jeff’s cousin) who is recovering from bad house fire

The WM’s Micah Ministry Project

VBS needs a new director this year


Files coming soon.