Time to start a new  prayer request list for this week.

Here are the requests from today’s worship and emails (with updates) received last week:


Trena—Results in today 10/14. No cirrhosis or cancer. The liver has fibrosis over 20% and is very treatable. Prayers have been answered.
Barbara—will have tests on Friday to diagnose hoarseness and throat problems
Shirl—bronchial pneumonia on top of other lung issues
Darrell—having blood work done to determine whether pain is due to gout or connective tissue disorder.
Hulda’s sister in Iceland—breast cancer
Gerald—will see his pulmonologist this week for clarification of results from lung biopsy
Brett (Mildred’s grandson)—recovering from heart attack, will be going home from hospital this week, will undergo extensive PT for weakness on one side; needs to be saved
Mamie (Doris’ mom)—took a turn for the worse this morning, hasn’t eaten or drunk anything for a number of days
Wally—had emergency surgery for heart problems, not doing well

Young children who are going through so many social and emotional issues

Pastor Jeff and family—his mom passed last week

Love offering for Wounded Warriors on Oct. 20
Choir beginning to rehearse Christmas cantata


Files coming soon.