Time to start a new Facebook prayer request list for this week.

Here are the requests from Sunday’s worship, the Q&A Classes, and emails received last week:


Mary L.—many thanks for prayers, calls, and cards during her illness

Mary l. and Bonnie Z. were able to attend worship this Sunday

Bill R.—has a new grandchild

Helen’s cataract surgery went well


Mary K.—thyroid issues causing kidney problems

Junior R. (Bill’s dad)—cancer

“Puddin” (Tyler’s aunt)—hospitalized

Chase (Mildred’s nephew)—will undergo strong chemo treatments that may require hospitalization

Jocelyn W.—having surgery tomorrow

Anthony S. (Helen's friend in WV)—stage 3 colon cancer, will likely be having chemo treatments

Barbara B.—painful back problems, had an MRI and doctors are determining what treatment is needed

Margaret—perforated ear drum is slowly improving

Karen—echocardiogram was rescheduled to Jan. 28

Bonnie—will schedule surgery soon to remove colostomy bag

Ray H.—still on pain management for back pain

Helen—cataract surgery on other eye on Jan. 14

Sharon (Sarah C’s daughter-in-law)—cataract surgery scheduled for mid-February


Mary A’s family—personal issues

Laura (Timmy’s mom)—moving to Manassas, needs to find a job there

Kim (Sharon T’s daughter) and Sharon’s granddaughters—facing some serious personal



Meeks family—Roy’s niece passed

Kincaid family—Tracy’s mom passed

Hash family—Wife of Anne’s father-in-law Paul passed


Vin (Buddhist monk in Burma, friend of Rick Via’s)

Brett M.


VBS will need a new director this year


Files coming soon.