Time to start a new  prayer request list for this week.
Here are the requests from Sunday’s worship, Q&A Class, and emails received last week:

Great turnout for the Jerusalem Ridge Veteran’s Salute last Sunday evening—thank you, JR!
Trena—her liver doctor reported that she has no disease in her liver, just a “fatty liver” condition

Bonnie—recovering from emergency intestinal surgery and still sedated, on dialysis because her kidneys have temporarily shut down (no calls/visitors for the time being, please)
Mary S.—stage 4 cancer in her lung, now at Fredericksburg Rehab and Health (room 14) recovering from pneumonia (caregivers: Barbie and Mike)
Tony S.—asthma and lung issues
Barbara B.—has bronchitis causing coughing and shortness of breath
Gerald—biopsy shows that he has a treatable but non-reversible lung condition, will soon be going on medication to help with breathing
Ray H.—having back problems, may require surgery
Linda (Wanda’s sister)—recovering from surgery on broken wrist, ankle also was injured when she fell
Brett—recovering at home from heart attack, has many related issues; needs to be saved
Mozelle Brown (Sarah and Helen’s 99-year-old aunt)—hospitalized after taking a fall last week but now is recovering at home (lives alone); also has other health issues
Rosa Bird (Sarah and Helen’s cousin)—diagnosed with cancer, awaiting results of PET scan assessing her condition
Amara (Karen S’s granddaughter)—recovering from pneumonia and conjunctivitis (parents Sabrina and Brad
Jimmy Carter (former U.S. president)—recovering from surgery to remove fluid on his brain


Erin (Trena’s friend)—her sister’s husband passed and her aunt passed
Families of victims of the recent California high school shooting
Doris and family—her mom passed
Anne H.—her son passed

Mary A’s family—various issues
Students fighting with other students and teachers in Spotsy high schools


Preparing Thanksgiving baskets
Choir rehearsing Christmas cantata

Files coming soon.