Hi, Everyone,
Here are the prayer requests from today’s worship and emails received last week:
Danny (Jamie’s uncle)—multiple health issues including possible heart failure
Sabrina (Karen’s daughter)—sudden unidentified problems
Baby Braedon—born 14 weeks premature
Margaret—fell during greeting time during worship service today, seems OK but appears shaken
Trish—not feeling well while leaving worship, will go to urgent care
Bobby and Betty Wilson (NC friends of Sarah and Richard):
Bobby—hospitalized with severe pain in his neck/shoulder resulting from serious fall, has many other medical/medication problems.
Betty—having more trouble with her back and pain in her leg, has been receiving epidermal pain medication (son Roger is their care-giver)
Sharon Given (Sarah C’s cousin)—hospitalized with severe pain in her back
Gerald—after testing him, his pulmonary doctor reduced his oxygen from 6 liters to 2; may need a biopsy to determine exactly what is going on with his lungs
Mildred—having pain and soreness in her right wrist; doctor recommends surgery but she is
hoping he will give her a cortisone shot instead
Please lift up Joan Henderson (Cindy’s aunt) who had a severe stroke last night and is not expected to live more than a few days. Also please keep Cindy and her family in your prayers as they prepare emotionally and spiritually for Joan’s passing. Thank you.

Parsons family—Pastor Jeff’s Aunt Nell and Cousin Neal passed last week

Travel mercies for:
Wanda and Bob’s daughter and family driving/moving to Michigan
VBS preparations—needs donations, volunteer to teach adult class
WM Micah Ministries lunch-bag project

Please lift these folks up to God in your prayers this week.
Thank you for your faithful prayer ministry, and God bless you all!

Files coming soon.